We help the world's most respected brands
generate exponential growth.

And we know their audience
better than they know themselves.

It's really pretty simple. We listen. We observe. We connect.

Our day begins with drawing key insight from the interpretation of research data of human behavior, consumer trends, and cultural, linguistic and economic shifts.

Our day ends when we convert consumers and buyers into success stories for our clients.

Work that works.

We love winning creative awards and all the accolades that come with it. And we've been honored with several of them. But it's how our work positively impacts our clients' success that is the best award we could even win.

We're not like the others.

The Wagner Agency is an advertising agency, a marketing agency, and a business consulting firm. The world's most respected brands partner with us but it's their consumers whom we serve.

Successful businesses and brands are those that operate on a mission to deliver positive consumer experiences and are committed to making the world a better place for them.

Team working on creative

Every challenge is unique.
Every solution must be as well.

Our combined wealth of experience, skills, and proficiencies have given rise to an array of solutions, unlike any other agency. With extensive resources at our disposal, we create innovative strategies and creative work to solve some of the most unique challenges for our clients.

By closely examining human behavior, interests, and trends under a microscope, we uncover valuable insight that guides how our work relevantly communicates with the intended audience at the right time, exact geo-location, mood, culture, and language.

Strategy and account planning is vital to every piece of work that comes out of our agency. It's so important to us that we purposely did away with the account services/management department and evolved it into account planning. Every person who oversees a client account is a talented and dedicated planner. Their job is to put consumers at the center of the communications process and figure out what exactly the brand needs to say so that consumers and influencers will pay attention to the message and ultimately influence their behavior modification.

We believe that successful brands are those that exhibit genuine human characteristics when communicating with their intended audience. It’s important that they are honest, relevant, and compelling among other qualities. Through a mix of brand strategies, we help bridge the gap between people and the brands that wish to reach them.

While many consider themselves partners to their clients, we bring that to action by actively providing consultation to our clients. We’re able to do so because, in addition to being communications professionals, we are entrepreneurs with many of us having run or managed multiple businesses over the years. We prepare our clients internally for external factors.

For years we've known the importance of compelling and relevant content and the key role that marketers play in providing such substance that is educational, inspirational, and entertaining. We believe that content and social media marketing must be in strong alignment in order to successfully engage with its intended audiences and ultimately support the efforts of an integrated inbound marketing program.

We approach design from a clean multifaceted and 360° canvas. It’s never replicated or repurposed. It’s thinking as much as execution. Most of all, we design for today’s and tomorrow’s society without any limitation of the method. Graphic design, illustration, packaging, products, VR, AR, web, and apps are just some of the paintbrushes we use.

It’s with reluctance that we use the term “digital” seeing as how everything we do today has some level of digital interaction. As futurists, we are certain that digital technology will become even more crucial and commonplace. Our team is composed of some of the most experienced technologists, futurists, and digital architects who deliver innovations to our clients on a daily basis.

Thanks in part to the onset of digital marketing, the lines between experiential and engagement marketing have been greatly blurred. Once predicated on a live face-to-face activation, experiential marketing has broadened its discipline to include various forms of strategies that provide a rewarding and impactful experience to the audience or user. And this ties seamlessly into engagement marketing which focuses on activating the brand in such a way that the audience willingly involves themselves in the dialogue and is so energized by it that they share the experience with others through advocacy. We leverage that engagement level and provide audiences the tools necessary to ultimately create brand movements.

Today’s media has evolved and expanded. Journalists seek even more unbiased stories to tell for earned media opportunities while paid media units have expanded to include streaming platforms, social media, and unique placements beyond broadcast and outdoor. We use a mixed media approach to deliver our clients’ messages through these channels.

There is an abundance of data available from secondary resources in addition to those from our primary findings. We invest in responsible methods to attain data from verifiable and legitimate sources and aggregate them into custom dashboards for our clients. But data is only good as its interpretation, so we invest the time to analyze and explain to our clients.

Some may call it experiential marketing, brand activation, engagement marketing, or experiential marketing. We are pioneers in this methodology and our evolved thinking aligns with the social activation model. We create and activate experiences for our clients’ audiences that combine offline with online strategies together with VR, AR, AI, biometrics, interactive projections, social media marketing, and content marketing. We take our clients to their audience in emotionally immersive ways.

As a team, we actively review and analyze trends. Research of current data is turned into useful insights every day. We are all futurists, dreamers, visionaries, and innovators. Our work product is better because of it.

Our video and audio content production studio (wgnr.) develops memorable content that encourages discussions. We have the ability to produce content in about the time it takes to fly from Orlando to New York. Our team generates information for real-time consumer touchpoints within a social atmosphere that commands speed and quality.