The Story

Barnie’s Coffee & Tea Co. and The Wagner Agency team created a new way to describe coffee varietals as part of the brand's evolution and move into the popular national coffee trend called Third Wave Coffee.

The new coffee enthusiast views coffee with the same level of appreciation for wine and fine food. The subtle differences in flavor, bean varietal, and growing region are all important parts of the customer experience and coffee journey.

Barnies CoffeeKitchen retail in Downtown Orlando

Brand Identity

Together with Barnie’s, we created a new brand image that positioned the brand as a destination for both coffee connoisseurs and the average coffee drinker seeking more education on their choices. New verbal and visual messaging, logo, and brand identity turned the vision into Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen—a hip coffee restaurant with experienced baristas and a new set of food items.

Barnies Wordmark

Brand palette