It is often the little details that consumers recall even more than the product they purchased or the service they received. Little details that consumers notice, and that makes them feel good about not only making the purchase but making the purchase from you, is a significant part of the their experience.

Consumer Experience Impact

Chemistry IconMeaningful, memorable, fun, unusual and unexpected experiences influence the way consumers perceive you in general and feel about you in particular. These little details are so easy to overlook, so tempting to brush off as unimportant. But add a number of seemingly minor details together, and you end up with something of far more value than you would without them.

It’s the little details that keep a consumer coming back over and over, it’s the little details that cause a consumer to rationalize paying more because she feels she is getting more, it’s the little details that keep people talking about you and recommending everyone they know to you.

Anyone can do the big things right; it’s the little things that differentiate one business from another and influence consumers to choose one over the other. Often, small-business owners cut out the little details when times get tough, and this is a big mistake. Attentiveness and recognition cost nothing, nor do personalization and consideration.

Survey on how a poor customer service experience relates to purchase

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Immerse the audience in a rewarding, compelling, and highly positive experience that meets needs for both utility and entertainment.

The audience makes a deep and emotional connection with the brand through their willing acceptance of messaging that is personally relevant and authentic.

As a result of previous efforts, interest is turned into action and purchase.

Deepen relationships between the brand and the audience then persuade them to become brand ambassadors.

Create an audience-driven movement by converting advocates into evangelists who eagerly spread the brand’s message to those that they influence.