CPG brands must think differently and socially.

As with most industries, digital's impact on shopping has made a huge impact. Knowing how to leverage this can help CPG brands better connect with their consumers and improving the ROI of their marketing spend.

Social intelligence can be a vital part of the research mix for uncovering consumer insights within the CPG industry. It allows brands to stay ahead of the latest trends. Companies need to know their perceived strengths and weaknesses today and where to focus their attention tomorrow.

Getting in front of their consumers in personally relevant ways is extremely important when trying to make an impact on society and build advocacy. This is something that experiential marketing does quite well. Experiential marketing offers CPG marketers the ability to create conversations that place people’s interest at the center of a brand, and the brand in the center of their lives.

The Wagner Agency has activated numerous brand experiences for recognized CPG brands such as Coca-Cola, Barnie's Coffee & Tea Company, Carla's Pasta and several others.

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