Good news. Consumers want to increase
their restaurant frequency.

It's great to see that so far in 2019, consumer spending in restaurants has been trending higher, despite a downtick in August and there is still more room left to run.

Takeout and the explosion of food delivery services such as UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and others are causing many consumers to make fewer visits at their favorite restaurants. In fact, forty-two percent of adults say they are not eating on premises at restaurants as often as they would like, according to a telephone survey conducted September 12-16 by Engine for the National Restaurant Association. In addition, 49 percent of adults say they would like to be using takeout and delivery more frequently. 

Fifty-one percent of baby boomers say they aren’t purchasing takeout or delivery as often as they would like, while 38 percent responded similarly about on-premises dining.

Bar graph showing percent of consumers who say they are not using restaurants as often as they would lie

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