Simple visiting tips.
At least we think they're simple.

So, you’re planning on visiting us? That’s great because we like people. Especially you. That’s why we invited you. Or did you invite yourself? It doesn't make a difference, we welcome you just the same.

Let’s start with our address in Orlando, Florida.

300 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1000,

Orlando, Florida 32801

Lincoln Plaza Building in Downtown Orlando, Florida

We’re in the Bank of America building (formerly known as Lincoln Plaza) which is a 16-story office tower on the northwest corner of Orange Avenue and South Street. You’ll find the Grand Bohemian Hotel and Starbucks directly across the street from our entrance.

If you drove in, we have a parking garage that’s connected to our building. There is an entrance on Orange Avenue and another on South Street. Sometimes the one on Orange Avenue says “do not enter” at random times and we haven’t quite figured out why yet. Anyhoo, be sure to bring your parking ticket with you so that we can validate it. Yeah, we’re generous too.

Parking does get a little hairy at times because the building just can’t accommodate all the people that love coming into the office to work or visit. So, there are some alternatives you may also wish to consider within a couple of blocks.

Take one of the available elevators and press 10. Once you enter the floor, you will find a sign pointing toward Industrious. Who/what is Industrious? They just happen to be the coolest office solution for companies like ours that don’t believe in doing things the way they’ve always been done before. To call them a co-working space would be inaccurate and frankly, just plain wrong. Don't do it. What were you thinking?

We have dedicated office spaces, but our team has the freedom to work from wherever inspiration takes them. Sometimes that’s in the office but most times it’s at the beach, home, library, coffee shop, bar, Portugal, Dubai, yoga class – well, you get the picture. More on our culture here.

Proceed to the front desk but there’s no need to bother the nice ladies behind the desk because they’re not receptionists, although very friendly and helpful just the same. They manage the space and do a great job of it. Instead, you will find a touchscreen kiosk where you can announce yourself to us digitally. We will get alerted and come greet you. That’s it. Your journey is now complete.

For more information, to report a problem, or if you’re delayed, call or text 407 917 5390.